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Istanbul, Kadıköy
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is our art book store. It's a family matter. Our surname - Черноусовы - translates from Russian as BlackMustache.
We left Russia at the beginning of the war, fearing repression, isolation, mobilization and martial law. We were at a loss for a while, but in the summer we decided to do what we could and opened a bookstore on design and art in Istanbul on the Anatolian side. Oleg, the father of the project, is an art historian, worked for many years in the field of art books in Russia, and Sasha, the mother of the project, worked as a fashion designer at the largest factories in our city, knows what industry specialists and people looking for inspiration need. Art books are not just books, they are an object, a guide, inspiration, the basis and result of creative thought. This is a separate and complex topic. We don't have random people - all our customers find their passion on our shelves. We don't have random books. We choose books ourselves, look for rare editions, discover new ones, preserve the beautiful.
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